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19 Jun

Hi Glamourites,

My apologies for being VERY rude and not posting for a few days, I have been away on a mini vacation and was clearly too busy relaxing and having fun to post anything…. Since I was just traveling I thought it would appropriate to post my top THREE traveling tips! Let me know as well if you have any tricks or quirks when you travel, I’d love to hear.

#ONE – Smart Carry-On

I find it extremely annoying after you check on your luggage then you still have about three different bags to carry around and onto the plane with you. I go with a basic backpack where you can stuff a surprising amount of things into and it easy to carry. The other trick I have with carry-on’s is pack your pair of heels or extra shoes that didn’t quite fit into your large luggage bag. You know, so you can be stylin’ when you get off the plane!












#TWO – Don’t Drink

Now I’m not even talking alcohol…. before you board your flight, even the 2 hours prior to boarding do not drink any liquids. I don’t know about you but I hate  plane washrooms. First you have to awkwardly climb over like 2 people to get out of your seat then you have find the washroom in one of hidden closet like doors then once your in there you feel claustrophobic to the point you wish you never came. My solution is don’t drink before but once on the plane bring your 7Up or order your glass of wine and drink all! (This means you can enjoy the window seat and not be disturbed)









#THREE – Front

Sit as close to the front of the plane as possible. This allows for you to get off that plane as fast you can when you are landed. There is nothing worse than after you landed and you are still stuck in the back in your seat waiting for everyone else to get off and enjoy that fresh air.