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New Year, New Glam

20 Jan

Hello Glamourites!

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a safe and relaxing holiday! Now that I am back in the big city and school I have time to get in the routine of updating posts on a regular basis {or let’s hope that will be the case}. I have put together pictures and inspiration of styles and tips I would like to focus on more this year. Let me know what your resolutions are for 2014!      xx Glamour Planner

No matter what you do be confident in yourself! Glitter sparkles brightly for everyone to see, show people your sparkle.newyearsparkle

This year I want to wear those “little black” dresses I have always said I will find an occasion for. newyearblackdress

Appreciate nature more, take walks on the trails or picnic on a hillside. newyearnature

Make time to right letters. Receiving a handwritten letter could be one of the most beautiful and thoughtful pieces of art and it now seems to be fading from this generation. newyearletters

Do something that scares me! {just a little}newyearadventure

Take time to enjoy your afternoon tea or coffee and add some silence in your day. newyeartea


Clever TYpE

20 Aug

Hello Glamourites,

Over the summer I have found some unique and different types of typography and clever ways of writing certain words. I find it interesting when you see a word look out of the ordinary but the meaning still makes sense in your brain. We use words and letters all the time and it’s fun to spice them up and view them in an offbeat way. I will definitely be stealing some of these inspirations for my designs next year! xx Glamour Planner








Being Crafty

30 May

Hello to my Glamourites!

Today I wanted to look at some neat design/craft ideas that you can do around the house that are both inexpensive and unique! There are so many new ideas popping up all the time to add that extra sparkle to your house and these are some you can do all by yourself. Hope you enjoy these inspirations and take time to add a little personality to your home!

xx Glamour Planner

Here you can buy individual letters or phrases (found at any home-depot or craft type store), spray paint them any colour you want and hang them in a space. This example is for a guest bedroom and written “be my guest” above the bed, very cute!

Be my guest

Be my guest

A fun way to add personality to individual rooms is by painting the inner frame of the door.

Coloured door frame

Coloured door frame

A splash of pink (or any colour) in the back of an old cabinet or bookshelf can be transforming!

Painted back cupboard

Painted back cupboard